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Happy Dolphin Press

Bright, bold, fun, educational, and beautiful award winning books is what we do.  Whether it’s an early reader picture book or chapter book we know what it takes to compete and succeed in this market.


PubSmith Press

You have a story to tell and it’s time to reveal it to the world.  We’re forging a new era in self-publishing by creating professional books that successfully sell in any market.

Our Other Services

MyPub Fund

 Start your crowdfunding project today to raise the money you need to succeed.  Our flex-funding makes your dream a reality faster! Publishing and Book Project Funding ONLY!

MyPub Lab

Educational resources for every level of self-publishing delivered in simple step-by-step “Learning Bytes.”  Freemium and Premium videos, webinars, downloads, and resources will have you mastering your publishing and marketing like a pro!

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Elevate Your Book to Best-seller Heights

Seize this chance to amplify your sales with our groundbreaking system at just $249.00 during our prelaunch sale! If the sales don’t soar, we’ll shower you with a 200% refund and a bonus year of our specialized marketing!

What Our Clients Are Saying

I would never use another publisher!

Happy Dolphin Press has published three of my books and is due to release the fourth of the 15 series soon! Not only do my books look great, but thanks to Happy Dolphin Press my sales are good and my brand is recognized and loved by parents and kids alike. I would never use another publisher!

I am forever grateful!

(Happy Dolphin Press’s)…creativity and expert knowledge, in editing and publishing has not only brought new life to my book, but it has taken it to an entirely new level, when it comes to quality! I am FOREVER grateful! I have a book and a product that I can be proud of.

I loved working with them

Happy Dolphin Press really showed me the difference a professional editor could make in both my reviews and sales. I loved working with them, they took the time to explain the changes needed, worked with me to make my book accurate and well laid out without losing my identity and vision. I recommend them to anyone self-publishing; they are so much more than just an editing firm. They are true visionaries in publishing!

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