Scott P. Smith

Zaniac Book Series

As Scott P. Smith grew up moving back and forth between Texas, Tennessee, and Ohio, he discovered one thing that always remained the same in every school he attended and town he lived, books!  His love for Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein, and Maurice Sendak helped him to develop a love for language and a really big imagination. Which he still carries with him today.


Jack’s Backyard

Do you have a scurry of squirrels playing baseball in your backyard? Jack does – along with many other groups of adventurous animals you’ll learn about in this fun story of amazing discoveries! From a tower of sparkly, pink giraffes to an array of cartwheeling hedgehogs, Jack uses the power of his imagination to create a tale that delights his teacher and classmates alike!

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My grandkids love both Jack’s Backyard, and Whale of a Tale! We read them together every time they visit! These are wonderful stories and the artwork is bright and colorful. The grandkids Love them!

– Carol Dunning

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Available September 21, 2020<

The Dragonaut

Zaniac Book Series

Everyone has dreams, even dragons!  Ben never realized just how much he wanted to be an astronaut until a fateful brush with a nasty comet made him a hero!  And the first Dragonaut ever.  Get ready for another Zany adventure to the moon and beyond in this fantastical tale of how a quiet, simple dragon found his path in the stars and landed new friends once his feet were back on the ground.  Children of all ages will rejoice in learning about the cosmos in the Zaniac Book tradition of bright colorful illustrations that introduce the constellations and lovable characters, including Jack!  Grab your copy today and blast off to the galaxy of Zaniness!

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