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Upload Checklist:


Please check that your profile information and image assets meet all of these requirements before you upload them to us.



  • Size:   MAX Upload 2MB per photo
  • Image Size: 1024px Max Width
  • Profile Image: 525×525 Minimum
  • Format:   JPG | JPEG FORMAT ONLY
  • Form:   All Form Information Correct?
  • Contact Info:   Is your information correct?


Please upload 8 pieces of your work, along with a profile picture / logo and a cover photo. Please label each photo with the artworks title / name and your name. Please include the text ‘cover’ and ‘profile’ at the end of the images for each.







Thank you for your submission. A member of our team will be in touch with you within seven business days. You should receive a confirmation email letting you know we received your submission.



    About The Illustrators Gallery

    The Illustrators’ Gallery was created to provide a completely unbiased and free platform for authors to find and compare quality illustrators and their craft. Just as there are many styles of illustration, there are many different needs for illustration in the publishing industry. Illustrators are needed to provide everything from full page illustrations to chapter headings to marketing and branding resources to cover design, and so much more! Your future clients come her first, so why shouldn’t you?


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