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Upload Checklist:


Please check that your profile information and image assets meet all of these requirements before you upload them to us.



  • Size:   MAX Upload 2MB per photo
  • Image Size: 1024px Max Width
  • Profile Image: 525×525 Minimum
  • Format:   JPG | JPEG FORMAT ONLY
  • Form:   All Form Information Correct?
  • Contact Info:   Is your information correct?


Please upload 6 pieces of your work, along with a profile picture / logo and a cover photo. Please label each photo with the artworks title / name and your name. Please include the text ‘cover’ and ‘profile’ at the end of the images for each.




Thank you for your submission. A member of our team will be in touch with you within seven business days. You should receive a confirmation email letting you know we received your submission.



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