This is Baby Ollie



From the moment I met Ollie, he climbed right into my lap and melted my heart. Despite having been in two shelters, he had so much love to give right from the start!

We don’t know what Ollie had been through before we brought him home, but he always has so much love to share! Being two feet away from us is just too far away; he must be on our laps, in our arms, and has certainly burrowed into the depths of our hearts.
He is an extraordinary doggie – always happy, cuddly, playful and certainly cute! He loves to give hugs and kisses! (Also known as lickies!)
Baby Ollie is an extraordinary addition to our family! We are fur-ever blessed and our lives are enriched.

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Weight16 oz
Dimensions6 × .35 × 9 in


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