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About The Artist:

Imagine if you were comparing two products to buy online. Both look nice, but one has a fantastic description that gets you excited about the company and one has a few sentences that aren’t very put together. Which one would you buy?

Consider the same question for your art business! Writing a killer Artist About Me Page lets you connect with your audience, builds up your credibility as an artist, and makes your buyers feel more attached to your artwork.

So how do you write one? By answering these five simple questions, you will learn how to craft a complete Artist About Me page that will tell your story, enchant your audience, and keep people’s eyes on your art.

  1. When did you begin taking an interest in art?
  2. Why do you make this kind of art? 
  3. Who are you? 
  4. Where has your artwork been shown? 
  5. How can your audience get in touch with you? 

If you specialize in a specific type of style or medium be sure to include that, too! Click here for a complete guide on “How to Write an Exceptional Artist About Me Page”

Displaying Your Work : 

You’ll have the opportunity to upload 8 images so pick your favorite and most varied to represent your abilities at their best. Be sure to read the Upload Checklist located beside the Submission Form.



Contact The Artist

If you like the style of this artists work, you can start a personal conversation with them by using the contact form in this section.  You should consider showing this artist your support by following them on on of their social media profiles.

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